Sunday, August 3, 2008

Business and procedures

Last week I was working in a public medical facilty and there was a power outage at 11:20 AM. This gave some interesting insights. There was no recovery plan so it was stressy for the IT departement of the hospital.

Some backup power system powered the computers but the network was down. The server room should have had 2 backup systems (the emergency room's and the hospital's) according to one of their IT guys but once the network was back I saw that all VM's were restarting and the ESX cluster had been down during the outage because the network connections were down.

They were lucky and lost no data but it is frightening that something like causes panic since it is quite obvious that these things will happen even in 2008 in Belgium.

I have written some technical procedures, like backup and restore, for their SQL Server but when it all comes down to it the basic needs are not fullfiled and I know by experience that this is the case in many companies.

May be some questions should be asked like What are business critical systems?" and do the proper risk management for each asset in the organisation.

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