Saturday, November 29, 2008

Enter at own risk ... don't go eat there!

This week when I went to a customer with my colleague and we went out for lunch. Since we were in the Matongé area (a part of Brussels where a lot of African people live) we went to an exotic restaurant.

The name of the place is KAZI Surprise and it is located at the Chaussée de Wavre 46 in 1050 Brussels. We asked what the day special was it was goat with saka-saka or tilapia (fish) with fried bananas. We ordered the fish.

The fish had an odd tasted, clearly it was not fresh. Everybody knows that all fresh fish has a taste that is distinguishable from the not so fresh one.

Luckely in the hours that followed the experience my colleague and me didn't get the signs of food poison (although our stomachs were making some noises). I spoke to a doctor that evening and he told me that you would see the effect of food poisoning within the 4 hours.

I filed a complaint at the Federal Agency for Food Safety.

So my dear blog readers, don't go out to eat there.

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