Sunday, September 27, 2009

Python workshop at HSB

Yesterday I went to a python workshop organized at the hackerspace Brussels. We gathered at the void*pointer around 14 hours. fs111 gave us a very nice introduction to python.

There where programmers and people who who had not programmed in ages but it was ok. You could ask any question you had and there were some exercises, classics like the number guessing games, to get you up and programming.

We have a home work assignment, writing a very simple port scanner :). Have a look at the hackerspace website if you want to join for the follow up.

My conclusion is simple python is a very powerful language, easy to learn (that is the credit of the instructor) and it is worth to sit down an afternoon and learn it. It will be certainly become a weapon of choice to handle some of my day-to-day admin problems.


fs111 said...

Hey, thanks for the nice post. Glad you liked it and you also come to the second round. How is the homework going?

Erik Vanderhasselt said...

For those interested :