Saturday, November 26, 2011

IPv6 talk at BNC 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Belnet Network Conference 2011 and there were a couple of interesting talks but I want to write in particular about some advise that was given during the talk of Andy Davidson about implementing IPv6.

This was his advise:

1. Buy only IPv6 enabled hardware and software. Since quite a number of people had to do this a kind of template called the Ripe501 template
came into existence.

I personally think that the remark of paying attention to software too is quite correct. Thinking about hardware is very normal, but one has too take into account you have to manage the hardware.

2. Make sure you have connectivity.
This is pretty obvious, if you want to have a connection to the Internet, you need connectivity.

3. Make sure you train your staff.
It seems normal to the outside world that IT people have knowledge about IT stuff so you have to train them.

4. Do trails
Ok, it seems dumb to put a car on the market before doing crash tests but the same thing applies to you IT infrastructure. If you don't make sure you have done your tests you will regret it.

5. Take it to the users
Once you've done your tests, take it to your users. Some trouble might come up but it should be minimal.

6. Dual stack some of your services.

7. Dual stack all of your services.

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