Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Changing your SSH port and configuring SVN

A while ago I wrote an post on SSH. Yesterday I was discussing the brute force attacks you get and my conversation partner said that he now systematically configures SSH on another port and rarely sees any attacks.

Just for fun tonight I've switched my port 22 to another port and will monitor my logs to see if I get the same findings. What I actually did is alter the port forwarding scheme so that I keep the config of the server rather standard. I expect to see the same thing as my conversation partner.

After the change I had to figure out how this works out with SVN which I do with svn+ssh. Without the necessary modifications that fails of course since port 22 is not open anymore.

On the server side you don't have to change anything. On the client side there is in ~/.subversion/config in the section [tunnels] a line to add:
sshtunnel = ssh -p port_number -q

You can put in any name instead of sshtunnel but I personally like clear naming for when I am tired. The -q at the end is important otherwise you will get the message "Killed by signal 15."

A last hurdle was that I had already a number of check out projects and created a little problem. I simply renamed the directory, downloaded a new copy this time using
svn co svn+sshtunnel://server/path/dir dir

To merge the contents of both (the old one and the new one) without overwriting the new svn config it was simply
cp -R -n old_dir new_dir
rm -R -f old_dir

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