Friday, July 11, 2008

First post

Hello and let me welcome you to my blog. Here you'll find a little intro about me.

Who is Erik Vanderhasselt?
I am a Belgian IT guy, born in 1981 and my fascination with computers started really to take off when I got my first and broke it in 48 hours ... the good old days :).

What do I do and where?
Currently I work for a Belgian IT company called Dolmen Computer Applications where I work as a system engineer DBA on MS SQL. My job consists of either doing projects or solving problems at our customers.

What can you find on this blog?
I'd like to talk about pretty much anything that comes to mind. Mostly IT related I am into more things than just MS SQL as you'll find out. Other interests are martial arts, cooking and so much more.

Most people ask my 1 question and that is why I like open source work on Ubuntu machines and work with MS SQL server for a living. Let me answer that for you. I enjoy working with open source and a database is just a database. The basic idea is just the same on Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL ... you want to store data and how it is done is facinating on each platform. It just happens that this job opportunity presented itself when I was looking for a new job.

Who is my targeted public?
Well I know that there are hundreds of blogs out there specialised in some topic and this is something I want to avoid. So my public are people who are into technology and like to exchange ideas.

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